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HSI’s comprehensive service and product offerings are available for all types of Emergency Medical Services transportation agencies from municipal fire and EMS departments to public, private, and hospital-based air ambulance programs. Our transfer center services are available to hospital programs of all sizes.Services can be bundled for greater efficiencies.

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Air Revenue Cycle HSI’s revenue cycle management for air providers is full service including all patient and insurance billing and collections which are augmented with detailed analytics. Our comprehensive package includes Medicare & Medicaid applications and revalidations, provider enrollment, and compliance reviews and training. HSI conducts routine internal and external audits and provides clients with results and guidance. Ground Revenue Cycle More than just billing, HSI’s ground revenue cycle services include comprehensive provider enrollment, Medicare & Medicaid applications and revalidations, PCS management, insurance and patient billing, collections, reports, compliance audits, and guidance based on detailed analytics. Communication & Transfer Center HSI offers around-the-clock communication and transfer center services via our state-of-the-art, Santa Rosa-based communication center. HSI can provide communication, dispatch, and support services for flight programs with nine or fewer aircraft. Similarly, our highly trained transfer center staff can provide transfer center services to hospitals of any size. Advisory Group HSI has a consulting group for programs and organizations that aren’t ready to contract with HSI for revenue cycle management services but have areas where external review and recommendations are needed. Our advisory group is made up of experienced industry specialists who can advise in areas of finance, contracts, compliance, or ambulance operations. FlightLink CAD Designed and built specifically for the air medical industry with input from teams of communication specialists, aviators, and medical personnel, FlightLink CAD is a unique, state-of-the-art, dispatch tool that assists the communication specialist in managing aircraft, hospitals, ground units, and all other stakeholders involved in a medical transport. FlightLink CAD uses a workflow management system to enable the communication specialist to successfully manage multiple units with tools that assist in accurate ETA delivery on missions.
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