HSI is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to all clients. Our highly skilled teams use state-of-the-art systems that provide smart automation and workflows that accurately and efficiently capture patient data, coordinate and dispatch care, process claims and provide analytics. HSI surpasses competitor’s results by utilizing proprietary data-driven performance platforms, powered by Platform Syncordia solutions of real-time claims tracking tools, compliance-ensuring measures, and time-saving processes along with a dedicated team with decades of experience.

HSI provides the following benefits to clients

  • Exceptional service that directly results in faster payments with fewer denials resulting in increased cash flow and higher profits
  • Regular compliance reviews and audits
  • Crew education and updates on changes in regulations
  • Billing fees based on payments received. HSI only gets paid when our clients get paid.
Ground Revenue CycleMore than just billing, HSI’s ground revenue cycle services include comprehensive provider enrollment, Medicare & Medicaid applications and revalidations, PCS management, insurance and patient billing, collections, reports, compliance audits, and guidance based on detailed analytics.Air Revenue CycleHSI’s revenue cycle management for air providers is full service including all patient and insurance billing, collections with detailed analytics. Our comprehensive package includes Medicare & Medicaid applications and revalidations, provider enrollment, and compliance reviews and training. HSI conducts routine internal and external audits and provides clients with results and guidance.Communication & Transfer Center ServicesHSI offers around-the-clock communication and transfer center services via our state-of-the-art, Santa Rosa-based communication center. HSI can provide communication, dispatch, and support services for flight programs with nine or fewer aircraft. Similarly, our highly trained transfer center staff can provide transfer center services to hospitals of any size.FlightLink CADHSI has a consulting group for programs and organizations that aren’t ready to contract with HSI for revenue cycle management services but have areas where external review and recommendations are needed. Our advisory group is made up of experienced industry specialists who can advise in areas of finance, contracts, compliance, or ambulance operations.Advisory GroupDesigned and built specifically for the air medical industry with input from teams of communication specialists, aviators, and medical personnel, FlightLink CAD is a unique, state-of-the-art, dispatch tool that assists the communication specialist in managing aircraft, hospitals, ground units, and all other stakeholders involved in a medical transport. FlightLink CAD uses a workflow management system to enable the communication specialist to successfully manage multiple units with tools that assist in accurate ETA delivery on missions.Platform SyncordiaSyncordia Technology & Healthcare Solutions, the parent company of HSI, is a technology-enhanced RCM company focused on underserved niche segments of the healthcare industry. Syncordia is building a diversified software and services business and is commercializing Platform Syncordia, our cloud-based software offering, for the healthcare industry to provide customer-demanded, turn-key solutions from a single provider and to address compelling RCM market opportunities.
Top Reasons you should choose HSI as your service provider

Comprehensive Approach

When you contract with HSI, we become partners. You receive full assistance through the planning and implementation stages, exceptional service, and a feature-rich client portal.

Experienced Teams and Innovative Technology

HSI prides itself on hiring the most talented and experienced personnel within the industry. HSI empowers and provides resources to their employees with thorough training and a dynamic set of tools to ensure that every client receives the highest level of performance, premier customer service, and responsive support available.

Data-Driven Performance Plan

Powered by Platform Syncordia the software used by HSI tracks and analyzes every claim, reimbursement, patient, payer, and recovery action, while simultaneously identifying the most effective next steps for each claim and payer type based on proven historical data. Once the claim or payer type is identified, the workflow-driven software can then implement the most effective path to payment, customizing dozens and dozens of actions to ensure the greatest return.

Industry-Leading Transparency & Reporting

The HSI team provides clients powerful real-time data. The HSI team works with clients to review and analyze data and their entire revenue cycle. Utilizing the power of data and HSI's reporting strengths provides confidence-building transparency and critical trend and performance analysis that will maximize strategies for continued optimization, growth and success


In today's ever-changing legal and regulatory climate, maximum reimbursement alone isn't enough to ensure success. HSI works hand-in-hand with policy and legal teams to stay current on the regulatory landscape and ensure that every claim is in full compliance. This allows HSI to provide clients with unparalleled confidence in their billing process.

Results & Performance-Driven Pricing

HSI's technology, forward-thinking approach, and experienced teams consistently produce real results for our clients. HSI doesn’t get paid until our clients get paid.  The HSI team is dedicated to a results-oriented approach and works with clients to analyze billing opportunities and challenges. HSI assists in the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance improvement benchmarks.