Platform Syncordia


Platform Syncordia is a cloud-based suite of software specifically designed for the healthcare industry by HSI’s parent company, Syncordia Technologies & Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Platform Syncordia is designed to provide customer-demanded, turn-key solutions from a single provider and to address compelling RCM market opportunities. Current tools available include:




A patient encounter management tool specifically designed to manage, track, and trend high-risk readmission patients in an effort to mitigate fines from CMS (the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid).



Account Status Solution

An electronic claims checking tool designed to get status updates electronically for an increasing variety of payers regardless of paper or electronic claim submissions. CSV files are submitted electronically to get updates on whether claims have paid, denied, pended, are processing or not on file. Updates are returned electronically as .CSV files.


Check out the Syncordia website for more information: