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  • How does HSI charge for RCM services rendered?
    HSI professional service fees for revenue cycle management are percentage based. HSI charges a percentage of the net revenue for payments received by the client’s organization. In a nutshell, HSI does not get paid until the client gets paid.
  • Will HSI assist with our provider enrollment applications and revalidations?
    Yes, HSI has a provider enrollment specialty within our client services team. Our provider enrollment team prepares all applications and provides checklists of items needed to make new applications, change applications, and revalidations as seamless as possible.
  • Does HSI require our clinical crews to change ePCR platforms?
    HSI understands that every clinical team has their preference when it comes to charting. We also recognize that states, regions, and local facilities may have requirements that must be followed as well. Thus, HSI works with the full gamut of ePCR vendors that are currently on the market. Our implementation team reviews the chart configuration for compliance and billing adjudication requirements and makes suggestions back to the clinical crews; however, we don’t require that one ePCR get used over another. However, should a client want to change ePCR vendors, HSI is available to assist in that decision process as needed.
  • How does HSI ensure compliance with established federal and state regulations?
    HSI has an in-house certified ambulance compliance officer (CACO) as well as a certified ambulance privacy officer (CAPO) who review client and internal policies and procedures to make sure HSI remains compliant in all aspects. HSI also retains a compliance attorney who is available as needed.
  • Does HSI conduct any audits?
    HSI has certified ambulance coders (CAC) who do the coding of claims. Internally, each and every claim goes through a Quality Review step before being submitted to the payer for adjudication. These claims are then subject to routine internal audits. HSI also retains external legal counsel who completes quarterly compliance audits for all clients.
  • How does HSI provide visibility to billing clients for each and every claim?
    HSI provides all of our clients with access to our proprietory client revenue portal where all information about each and every claim is available in detail along with reports, dashboards and much, much more!
  • Can HSI help us understand which of our bases are generating the most revenue?
    Absolutely. Most systems track base activity by volume; however, HSI’s enhanced data and analytics platforms allow us to slice and dice all of the payer and payment data by base or by vehicle or by a variety of other variables including custom geographic locations. This information is provided as part of the monthly close package but is available on an as-needed basis as well.
  • What happens if a patient who is transported doesn’t have insurance information available?
    HSI has several means of sourcing patient insurance information both manually and electronically. For “John Doe” patients, HSI has a highly skilled Payer Research Team who investigate and find patient demographic and insurance information.
  • Where are the HSI offices located?
    Our corporate office is located in Santa Rosa, California.
  • How many years has HSI been in business?
    HSI has been providing revenue cycle management and flight communications and coordination services since 1999.
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