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Why HSI?

Has your organization suffered cash delays due to lost transports? Is your billing system able to identify where your claims are within the billing life cycle without manual reports? Is your billing system able to change dynamically with payer changes and industry trends? If the answer is no to any of these questions, HSI has solutions for you. HSI’s dedicated team of billing professionals use a proprietary performance management platform that tracks each and every claim to eliminate cash delays due to lost transports. Called patient advocates because of their commitment to the patients our client serve, HSI billers follow sophisticated, yet simple, algorithm-driven workflows to make sure each individual call is handled appropriately and in the best interests of each patient.


HSI’s system monitors every claim from the point of complete trip documentation through to a zero balance status, and our clients can view their accounts at any time. Data is accumulated on all activity in the life of the claim including entry, coding, insurance eligibility verification, quality review, claim submission, claim follow-up, payment posting, and all recovery actions. Algorithms built from our cumulative years of experience in EMS billing drive workflows that capture each and every interaction with payers, patients, and all pertinent stakeholders. These workflows undergo continuous process improvement review to stay current with ever-changing payer behaviors. Because we built the software, we can continue improving it! With HSI's technical expertise, we are now able to realize technical enhancements and new ideas swiftly to further maximize on efficiency and accuracy.



Does the thought of losing direct access to your patient accounts prevent you from looking at a billing and revenue cycle management partner? Are you concerned about loss of control and visibility over? HSI heard these concerns and has responded. Part of HSI’s world-class service is to provide clients with full transparency of all their patient accounts. Every transport, every patient, and every claim-related activity completed by HSI is visible in PULSE, our proprietary client revenue portal for our billing and revenue cycle management clients. Similarly, FlightLink CAD, communications, and transfer center clients can view all of their operational data in our client, our proprietary CAD portal. Through our revenue client portal, billing clients can look, in real-time at all of their data through dashboard graphs and reports with information that can be drilled down to each individual patient account.


All relative patient information including insurance payers, billing codes, patient demographics, trip documentation, payment history and more is available to clients in the portal. Our client portal even provides a two-way communication tool with the billing team for items that require review and approval such as financial hardship applications and external collection placement. Month-end and custom reports are also made available through this HIPAA-secure and cloud-based client portal. With our client portal, communications, and transfer center clients can see real-time operational data relative to transport volumes, missed flights, out-of-service time and much, much more.



HSI sets the standard and leads the way! Since our early roots in 2000, HSI’s approach to EMS revenue cycle management is to find innovative solutions to complex problems and challenges. HSI has engineered time-saving software tools, powerful analytics dashboards, and easy-to-use work management systems to enable our clients to focus on their operations with the security of understanding what is happening with their revenue.


HSI continues to be at the fore-front of cutting edge technology that improves efficiencies to enable maximization of revenue for our clients. Our team approach is to turn “wouldn’t it be nice if” into “how can we accomplish this better.” HSI is looking at the entire revenue cycle process; HSI is not a claim-drop company – we are a full-service, forward-looking performance-driven creative-thinking company that wants to continue to set the bar for EMS revenue cycle management.

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