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Ground Revenue Cycle


At HSI, we have always prided ourselves in being more than just a billing company.   We are a partner to clients who need a reliable, trusted source for all aspects of their revenue cycle management.  We take this responsibility seriously.  HSI’s goal is to provide world-class service by using our proprietary cutting-edge technology and highly-trained professionals and to remain invested in continuous process improvement for the betterment of our clients.  Whether your organization is a private ambulance company, a municipal department, or a hospital-based service, HSI has something for you!

HSI takes the time to learn our clients’ operations and understand where we can offer improvements or input throughout the entire process.  At the time of implementation, the HSI client services team reviews everything from provider enrollment applications to crew documentation to current billing practices and procedures so that a comprehensive approach can be used through the transition.   


Areas covered in the review and implementation include but are not limited to:

  • Provider enrollment applications

  • Compliance review of crew documentation

  • Physician Certification Statements (PCS)

  • Prior authorization processes

  • Lockbox setups & cash reconciliation

  • ePCR configurations

  • CAD processes

  • Membership programs

  • Financial hardship programs

  • Fair billing and collection practices


Once the implementation is complete and HSI begins receiving completed transport documentation, our teams of billers and coders, many of whom are Certified Ambulance Coders, complete all aspects of the claim cycle including but not limited to:

  • Insurance verification

  • Compliance & quality assurance reviews prior to claim submission

  • Sourcing of payer information when not available

  • Claim follow-up

  • Appeals when claims deny

  • Patient responsibility billing

  • Payer and patient refunds

  • Internal audits

  • Periodic external compliance audits

  • Independent, external SOC 1 accounting audits


Throughout all of this, HSI provides complete transparency to each of our clients. Clients have continuous access to all accounts, comprehensive dashboards, analytics, and statistics. Clients can interact with the HSI billing team via our document request system at any hour of the day or any day of the week. Full access to all account documentation is provided along with account status, payer information, payment history, denials, and appeal activity. At month end, HSI provides comprehensive month-end reports and access to analysts to review and drill down to understand collection efforts and trends.  


Features of client portal include:

  • Complete Transparency:  24 x 7 x 365 access to everything you need for revenue cycle management

  • Dashboards:  Track sales performance, reasons for delayed claims, and payment trends

  • Analytics:  Estimate revenue, examine payer mix, and evaluate collection rates

  • Messaging Center:  Interact seamlessly with the HSI billing team

  • Claim Level Detail:  Utilize search tools to look at any patient and any trip in extensive detail

  • End-of-Month Reporting:  Take the pulse of your business by reviewing customized summaries and reports

  • Detailed Account Status:  Examine payer information, payment history, denials, and appeal activity

  • Excel:  Easily export sophisticated data and analytics to Excel documents

  • Notifications:  Generate automatic emails or notifications


If you are interested in learning more about services offered by HSI, please complete the contact form below and one of the HSI team will be in touch with you.

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