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FlightLink CAD


Designed by air medical transportation pilots, crews, and veterans, FlightLink CAD was created to manage all aspects of air medical transports via rotor wing, fixed wing, or special care units.  Using HSI’s signature workflow management algorithms, FlightLink CAD gracefully walks the communication specialists through all steps of the transport from initial intake with patient demographic and location information through all aspects of each and every leg of the flight.  FlightLink CAD manages the crew manifest, aircraft, and vehicle availability, as well as ETA (estimated time to arrival) tracking.  The system is rich with customizable capabilities for managing facilities, multiple providers, related EMS services (like 911 agencies and ground support).  FlightLink CAD is capable of interfacing with third party GPS vendors for flight following.  


Key features included in FlightLink CAD are:

  • Algorithm-driven Workflow Management System

  • ETA (Estimated Time to Arrival) Management System

  • Internal User Alert System

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Integration

  • PAIP (Post Accident/Incident Plan) Notification System

  • Auto-Messaging & Auto Paging System

  • SMS (Short Message Service) Integration/Two-way Paging

  • Transfer Center Management

  • Quality Management Module

  • Analytics & Operational Data via LIFT, HSI’s new FlightLink CAD portal

  • API (Application Programming Interface) to send information to other systems

  • Ground Vehicle Management


FlightLink CAD is a server-based application that resides within your organization’s firewalls.  Periodic updates are rolled out and applied at your convenience not on HSI’s mandatory timeline.


FlightLink CAD now comes complete with continuous access to operational information via our proprietary client portal.   Our client portal is efficient, easy-to-use, and features:

  • Dashboards: View transport volume trends, top referring agencies, and the main reasons for missed transports

  • Analytics: Real-time updates on availability and out-of-service information

  • Status Board: Track the status of all aircraft or vehicles with color-coded information

  • Status Map: Monitor each aircraft or vehicle location

  • Transport Level Detail: Drill down to transport level in most reports with search tools that enable clients to examine any aspect of the transport in great detail


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